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2022 Guide: Impact Investing in the NAB Community

Dear Reader,

As NAB we often get contacted by funds, entrepreneurs and all types of organisations with requests for information about our community. Who is investing in energetic transition in the Netherlands? Who can support women entrepreneurs in India? Who can I connect with if I want to talk about SDG 6?

We always do our best to answer and orientate the questions to the right members, but we don’t want to be missing out on anyone and with our growing community our resources are stretching thin...!

As a solution, we have compiled an inventory of the NAB community members based on public information that we found either on their website or in their 2021 Annual (Impact) Report. Think about this as a ‘Yellow Pages' or a 'Who's who' of impact investing in the Dutch NAB community!

This is a public document, freely available on our website and socials, in line with our goal to increase curated information available to the market. We intend to update its contents regularly, so do not hesitate to share feedback.

You can now read the 2022 Guide on impact investing in the NAB Community.

Laure Wessemius-Chibrac,

Managing Director of the NAB


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