The world is seeing a global movement towards sustainability and impact. Impact investing consists now of a large part of inclusive finance (70% according to the latest GIIN annual survey) but growth in the decade ahead will come from the broader impact spectrum [1] covering essentially all SDGs. The NAB will be in alignment with all SDGs (but at different levels of involvement).

Some of the largest problems facing the world (such as climate change) have been created by mankind and will require unique, multi-disciplinary action and cooperation to solve. In Europe, the EU and EIB stand ready to invest heavily in mitigating climate change: this is expected to be an area where Dutch organizations can play a significant role both domestically and abroad. To do this effectively and create maximum leverage will require close collaboration and action among Dutch players.

The unique multi-stakeholder approach, combined with strong connections with the international GSG network, will allow the NAB to support a significant scaling up of institutional money invested for positive societal and environmental impact.

[1] The 2019 Phenix Capital Survey indicated that the top 3 SDGs institutional investors are prepared to invest in are: Climate Action (13), Renewable Energy (7) and Health (3).