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Listed Equities - Summary and Presentation

The NAB hosted its first Breakfast Inspiration Workshop of 2024 which focused on Listed Equities. The workshop was attended by asset owners, asset managers, fund managers, and other sector professionals with interests and stakes in the Dutch impact investing sector.


Our speakers for this event included the GIIN, Cardano, UBS Asset Management and Achmea Investment Management. The presentations provided guidance on pursuing impact in listed equities and shed light on the opportunities and challenges investors encounter with listed equity investments for impact. Being at the frontier of this journey, the presenters shared how their respective organisations advance in the field,  the impact frameworks used, theory of change, and strategic approaches such as engagement and case studies.

The presentation led to an animated Q&A prompting a discussion where the speakers and the audience delved into the importance of intentionality for impact investors and the need for appropriate engagement. The discussion dived into the several impact strategies that investors can adopt and the challenges that come with them. 

Key takeaways from the conversation include:

  • the role of "improvers" as pivotal agents of change. 

  • focus on theory of change and engagement is key for the definition of a listed equity impact strategy 

  •  effective regulation ensuring transparency and a level playing field plays a critical role 

  • collaboration, dialogue amongst stakeholders and knowledge sharing is crucial in advancing the impact sector while ensuring responsible practices.


To address these challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities, the NAB endeavours to serve as a proactive voice within the sector, advocating for an enabling legislative and regulatory framework.


We extend our gratitude to all attendees and our esteemed speakers: Wouter Koelewijn from the GIIN, Hilde Veelaert from Cardano, Narina Mnatsakanian from UBS Asset Management, and Frank Wagemans from Achmea Investment Management, for their valuable insights and contributions.

Download the presentation HERE. 


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