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In 2016, 21 Dutch financial institutions signed a pledge to the Dutch SDG Investing initiative (“SDGI”). In 2022, the NAB agreed with the facilitators of SDGI, Herman Mulder, Chair of SDG Nederland, and Carolien de Bruijn, CEO of C-change, to bring the mission and the legacy of this initiative under the NAB. This follows the merger of the NAB with NpM in 2021 and is another step to defragmenting the Dutch impact investing ecosystem. Many members of SDGI are also involved in the NAB community.

“To Establish Highways for SDG Investing” is the ultimate goal of the Dutch SDGI initiative. In pursuit of this, the agenda of the Dutch SDGI served as a reinforcement of commitment to achieve milestones in the Dutch investment value chains with hopes to articulate a shared national agenda that will help lead to greater convergence, collaboration and coordination between a broad spectrum of actors.

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