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NAB Windmills



The Stichting Netherlands Advisory Board (NAB) on impact investing is an initiative launched in 2020 by several Dutch financial sector players, social investors and impact fund managers. It is focused on scaling up investments in impact and increasing cooperation in the Dutch impact investing sector.

The NAB is part of a global network of similar national advisory boards (NABs), grouped together under the GSG impact.

The GSG was established in 2015 as the successor to, and incorporating the work of, the Social Impact Investment Taskforce under the UK´s presidency of the G8. On 15th May 2024, following consultation with NABs, GSG launched a new brand and website, now called GSG impact.GSG Impact is active in over 50 countries. They work to progress the transformation of global financial systems,

so that every investment, business and government spending

decision takes into account impact, as well as risk and return.

      The role of the GSG/NABs network is to: 

  • Spearhead the building of an impact ecosystem at home: NABs play a key role in liaising with the government and other stakeholders, in particular institutional investors, to build a common understanding on the opportunities created by a vibrant impact investment ecosystem 

  • Learn from and share with other NABs: connected through the GSG, NABs have the opportunity to interact with each other and share the lessons learned. The effectiveness of knowledge sharing is shown for instance by the rapid implementation of the policy toolbox by recent joiners 

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