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The NAB established the Young NABs network, an initiative that aspires to foster a flourishing community of young leaders looking to make a positive impact in the world through the financial sector.  


The core membership of the Young NABs network will consist of professionals under 35 years of age who are already working for a NAB member organisation.  

Scope and Focus 

The aim of the Young NABs initiative is to build a community which enables young leaders to share knowledge on impact investing and build a solid network. For now, the project evolves around the organization of ‘Connect & Exchange’ events consisting of two segments. The first part of these events will be more formal and aimed at exchanging knowledge, advice and opportunities within the sector, for example through each time presenting a different project/organisation or inviting guest speakers. The second part of these events will consist of a more informal setting where there will be the opportunity for connecting around drinks.  

Moreover, attendees are encouraged to share their own ideas on future events and how they would envision Young NABs to take shape. 

Stakeholder Engagement 

Professionals working at NAB member organisations are invited to actively participate in the Young NABs network by:  

  • Attending regular meetings (e.g. monthly or bi-monthly) 

  • Contributing actively to discussions and knowledge sharing 

External stakeholders: external stakeholders will be invited as speakers during the events. This holds interest for different kind of public and private organisations which can exploit an opportunity of educating young professionals in their sector. 

The NAB acknowledges the potential value of participation from relevant external organisations with expertise in impact investing. This could include:  

Government institutions  

International organisations  

Other relevant organisations  


The Young NABs members, in collaboration with the NAB, will establish a process for considering and integrating participation from these external stakeholders. 

Meetings Frequency and Logistics 

The Young NABs events will be organised every two months. Ideally, each of the Young NABs member organisations will rotate in hosting the event. The duration of these events is expected to be around three hours. Date and duration will also depend on previous arrangements.  

Working Group Roles 

The NAB will act as the convener, facilitating and coordinating the activities of the Young NABs initiative. This includes:  

  • Scheduling and coordinating meetings, keeping track of key take-aways by writing meetings reports  

  • Maintaining communication among member

Working Group Leadership 

To be decided based on the suggestions which will be presented during the first event

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