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NAB Windmills



As of April 2021, the NAB and NpM have merged. The NAB is now responsible for NpM's legacy.

"NpM is a member platform for Dutch investors in the worldwide inclusive finance sector, like development organisations, social investors and commercial banks. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our members, we are committed to expanding access to affordable financial services worldwide. We believe in a clear link between financial inclusion and development.



In 2016, 21 Dutch financial institutions signed a pledge to the Dutch SDG Investing initiative (“SDGI”). In 2022, the NAB agreed with the facilitators of SDGI, Herman Mulder, Chair of SDG Nederland, and Carolien de Bruijn, CEO of C-change, to bring the mission and the legacy of this initiative under the NAB. This follows the merger of the NAB with NpM in 2021 and is another step to defragmenting the Dutch impact investing ecosystem. Many members of SDGI are also involved in the NAB community.

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