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The Netherlands Advisory Board on impact investing (NAB) creates a healthy impact investment ecosystem, where investments and savings are purposely embedded in solving social and environmental challenges, as well as seek a financial return. We create opportunities to gain & exchange knowledge about impact investments and stimulate more impact investments for social and environmental issues.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an essential part of reaching our goals. To achieve the SDGs, an annual financing of over $4 trillion is imperative. This will not happen without the mobilisation of private capital. However, institutional investors face challenges in finely comprehending impact investing, display a conservative approach, and encounter barriers in scaling up their impact investments. Currently, a mere 4- 6% of Dutch Assets under Management (AuM) is allocated to impact, with less than 1% directed towards emerging markets.


The NAB is conducting a campaign focused on institutional investors, for them to issue a target by 2025 to allocate 10% of their AuM to impact investments, with a specific 4% allocation to emerging markets. This initiative is designed to reach out, understand and support pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, and banks, and the NAB is engaging with both the institutional investors and their related sector organisations as the "Pensioenfederatie", "De Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken" and "Verbond van Verzekeraars".


PHASE 1, Dec 2023 - Q2 2024.

Preliminary Stakeholders and Field Analysis: in-depth investigation of the status quo and the barriers hindering the growth of impact investments.

Step1: High-level quantitative analysis, supplemented by qualitative insights obtained through desk

research, performed by the NAB team on existing impact allocations.

Step 2: Barriers investigated through a targeted survey distributed to a sample of allocators, both directly and through affiliated sector organisations. Roundtable discussions with practitioners organised to better understand barriers and explore pathways to increase allocations towards impact investments.

Step 3: Publication of a report, highlighting key findings and an action list for the next two years. The report aims to provide support in establishing and achieving the impact targets set by institutional


PHASE 2, Q2 2204 - 2025.

Implementation: the outlined action list from Phase 1 will be implemented, accompanied by the formation of ad-hoc working groups aligned with the outcomes of the initial phase. This

phase is designed to actively progress towards the established targets.

The 10% Target program is led by Simona Benvenuti.

To learn more about the program please contact her at:

10% Surveys

Is your organisation a pension fund, insurance, asset manager or a bank?


Please contribute to our qualitative analysis of the barriers your organisation encounters in scaling impact by filling a brief survey accessible HERE (for pension funds, insurances and asset managers) or HERE for banks.


The survey comprises of 15 questions and requires approximately 15 minutes. Your insights are instrumental in addressing the existing gaps in information and data, thereby making a substantial contribution to the growth of impact investing and impact finance.

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