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NAB Windmills


The NAB has the ambition to be the prime platform in the Netherlands supporting the impact investment industry and to be recognized as a leading center of expertise and innovation in the sector. All our activities are guided by our values:


In a healthy impact investment ecosystem, investments and savings help in solving social and environmental challenges, as well as seek a financial return.


Increasing the effectiveness of the Dutch impact investment ecosystem – with a broad spectrum of stakeholders – in order to contribute to developing new and scaling existing impact investment sub-sectors, to achieve the SDGs.

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The NAB has the ambition to be inclusive and to represent several groups of stakeholders involved in the impact sector in the Netherlands. These stakeholders specifically include institutional investors and the public sector. The diversity of backgrounds and objectives of each stakeholder group makes for a powerful combination of knowledge, ambition and scope.

  • Businesses: Social enterprises, Corporates

  • Fund managers (& DFIs)

  • Institutional investors & asset owners: Insurance companies, Pension funds, Banks

  • Field builders: foundations and charities/NGOs, Family offices 

  • Policy makers (& regulators)

  • Knowledge institutions & Networks 

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