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NAB Windmills


The world’s most pressing problems – from climate change to widening inequalities in society – need urgent attention and massive investments. Global challenges are also global opportunities and those who provide solutions to today’s problems will be the financial winners of tomorrow.  

Achieving the SDGs will take US$ 5-7 trillion per year, globally, with an investment gap in developing countries that has further increased since the beginning of the pandemic to US$ 4.2 trillion. Through impact investing, we can be agents of social change and help close the investment gap to achieving the SDGs – while also achieving our financial goals as investors. 


A member of the worldwide network Global Steering Group for impact investment (GSG), the NAB is supporting Dutch leaders of the impact investing ecosystem to achieve the SDGs. The NAB is actively enabling policies with evidence and data (engage), increasing awareness and understanding of the public to help them make the right choices (inspire) and co-creating solutions (catalyse). 

Membership benefits 

Through your participation in the NAB’s working groups and initiatives, you have the chance to actively participate in thought leadership discussions and enhance the general understanding of impact investment within your community and in the global investment community, shaping the Netherlands’ impact investing ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to affect the Dutch impact ecosystem to become a leader of the global impact economy: 

  • to increase the scale of impact capital (both from local and global investors),

  • to develop the use of new financial tools, 

  • to increase the number of actors within the ecosystem across the sectors.

Being a member of our community provides your organization with tools to move forward as part of this change. We offer all our members an opportunity to create global impact: 

  • Power to shape policies: The NAB engages policy makers and promotes impact investing as the norm. Via the NAB, your organisation has the opportunity to make your voice heard and push concrete propositions driving real impact by joining forces with other stakeholders of the impact investing sector. 

  • A unique public-private partnership: The NAB actively engages and cooperates with local (cities/provinces), national (Ministries) and European governments and regulators to shape policies and voice the position of the Dutch impact investing sector. 

  • Access to best practices and latest innovations: The NAB provides learning opportunities on the newest global trends on impact and ESG measurement tools from peers, local and global experts and the development of financial tools, as well as the opportunity to showcase case studies of your organization in the global GSG/NAB impact community.  

  • Access to local peers and to a global network of 1000+ leaders of impact investing: The NAB fosters the collaboration of all relevant actors within the Dutch ecosystem: investors, policy makers, intermediaries, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and academia. In addition, via the NAB, your organization gains access (including personal introduction when authorised) to a global network of 1000+ leading practitioners from the global impact ecosystem and can participate in in-depth GSG working-groups and member-only events. 

  • Media exposure and speaking opportunities: Every partner will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of exclusive local and global speaking events: 2 annual members’ meetings and at least 2 open joint-events per year in the Netherlands, and regular invitations to GSG/NABs events (Annual GSG impact summit, European NABs bi-monthly engagements and other cross-NABs global initiatives). All NAB media exposure will include the logos of our members, including the NAB’s social media platforms, newsletter and website, as well as the annual community guide and all our publications. 

 Membership requirements 

  • Membership to be evaluated every 4 years

  • Commitment to the mission and values of the NAB 

  • Commitment to invest resources for the development of the Dutch impact investing ecosystem (at least 4 hours per            month)

  • Provide a point of contact within the member organization to develop a working group or project as the member and the   NAB see fit. 

Membership fees 

The NAB is a lean organization relying on membership fees and sponsoring to fulfil its mission. The membership fees are designed to be as inclusive as possible and to give a voice to all types of stakeholders.

For more information about the NAB membership and fees, please contact :

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