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Creating a Positive Impact in Real Estate - Summary and Presentations

On the 9th of November, the NAB and Impact Orange Partners co-hosted a seminar on ‘Creating a Positive Impact in Real Estate’. The high  energy consumption by buildings and the current crisis in the Dutch housing market amongst others are pointing towards the need for impact investments in real estate. 


From impact and transition in healthcare, affordable housing in the segment just above social rent, impact on innovation to circular & purpose-free construction, Jeroen Heintzberg - RYSE, Bart Hartman - Cokopen, Niel Slob and Saman Mohammadi - RE:BORN, Ruud Roosen - a.s.r. real estate and Marleen Bosma-Verhaegh - Bouwinvest discussed the possibilities and opportunities, but also the current barriers in the sector, and provided inspiring examples of investment solutions generating real impact.


After an immersive Q&A, the audience and speakers agreed in unison that within the real estate sector, there needs to be more cooperation to allow for the development of an impact strategy. 


Some key points from our seminar:  

  • More cooperation is needed at national and local level within the market to create a long-term sustainable vision.

  • Investors should broaden their horizon: the acceptance of lower returns in the short term, may imply higher returns in the long term.

  • There are many opportunities to create a more sustainable real estate sector. However slow and complicated procedures, heavy bureaucracy, are an obstacle to initiate new sustainable projects. 

  • (European) regulations are becoming increasingly stricter. The sector should take this into account and actively share opportunities.

  • More capital allocation for restoration and construction of sustainable designs is needed to limit negative impact on environment and society. 

  • It is crucial to harmonize impact measurement.

  • Social housing projects should also aim to preserve communities, allowing for different age categories to co-exist.


We are grateful to the speakers and the audience for making this event a great success. 

Download the presentations here. 

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