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Maatschappelijke BV (BVm)

BVm (or social BVm) is the new legal form for Dutch companies that do business with a social or societal purpose. The Council of Ministers has approved the consultation of State Secretary Keijzer of Economic Affairs and Climate. This new status will stimulate and better organize social entrepreneurship.

Research has showed that social entrepreneurs struggle to achieve their social mission because they lack recognition. State Secretary Keijzer: “The BVm ensures better recognition of, and thus appreciation for, the social character of our social entrepreneurs. It will be easier for financiers, suppliers and consumers to recognize social and community enterprises. And to do business based on this shared vision. In this way we are building a social and honest entrepreneurial Netherlands together.”

Know more about BVm here (only in Dutch).

Stichting NAB's reaction

The NAB  participated in the Consultation of the government on the new BVm (maatschappelijk BV, social BV in english) status. We fully support the recognition of a legal form for social enterprises and mission-driven enterprises! This will bring them the recognition they deserve, and help impact investors make a distinction and find alignment.

Read our propositions (in Dutch) to further improve the proposed legal status.

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