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Jaap Reinking (Board Member)


Director of Private Equity

Jaap Reinking has been Director of the Private Equity department since June 2015 until December 2023. As of January 2024, he became a Principal Investment Officer Private Equity. Prior he was the Director for Financial Institutions (as of January 2014) and between January 2009 and December 2013 he acted as Director for the Agribusiness & Diverse  Sectors department of FMO. 


Before Jaap worked at FMO in a variety of positions including, Senior Credit Analyst, (Senior) Investment Officer and Managerial positions. He has gained broad experience in investing in emerging markets and as a Manager and Director, he also proved to be a good people manager and a person able to give directions to a team comprising a maximum of 68 employees.


Before FMO, Jaap worked at Banque de Suez Nederland N.V., Koninklijke Borsumij Wehry N.V., responsible for the implementation of the internal treasury department and as a Credit Risk Analyst at Deutsche Bank de Bary N.V.  


Jaap has attended various financial, management development, ESG, and Corporate Governance courses/training.

Jaap Reinking is married and has three children.

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