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Jack Julicher NAB Board Member


CEO, ASR Asset Management

Jack Julicher (1958) is CEO of a.s.r. asset management, an asset manager with €65 bn assets under management. a.s.r. asset management is a subsidiary of ASR Nederland, listed at Euronext Amsterdam and a top three Dutch insurance company.

a.s.r. asset management offers sustainable investment solutions to insurance companies, pension funds, government agencies and wealth funds in the areas of e.g. liability driven investments, ESG products for government bonds, corporate bonds and equities, residential mortgages and real estate.

Since 2007, a.s.r. has continuously expanded its ESG policy and integrated it throughout the entire investment process for all client portfolios. This includes comprehensive ESG screening and an ambitious target for impact investments aligned to the SDGs, across all asset classes. a.s.r. asset management is committed to set forward this broad and long standing focus on sustainable investing throughout its entire portfolio and on behalf of all its clients.

Jack Julicher has a long experience in the Dutch financial sector. He has worked for the Ministry of Finance, the National Investment Bank (predecessor of NIBC) and Stad Rotterdam insurance group before joining a.s.r. asset management in 2003. Jack holds a Master’s degree in Macroeconomics from the University of Tilburg.

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