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Energy Transition - Summary and Presentations

On the 12th of October 2023, the NAB, in cooperation with the Impact Institute, Impact for Breakfast and EVPA, held another Breakfast Inspiration Workshop on Energy Transition. The workshop was attended by more than fifty professionals including asset owners, asset managers, fund managers, foundations, and consultants in the field of impact investing. 

Our speakers for this event focusing on Energy Transition represented the Impact Institute, FMO, Triodos Investment Management and StartGreen Capital. The speakers presented their impact frameworks and theory of change along with current projects aimed at advancing Energy Transition globally and in the Netherlands. The discussion covered the potential societal benefits, financing strategies for clean energy, monitoring and measuring impact, the current barriers and the need for risk-bearing finance in the sector.

The workshop included an extended and lively Q&A session paving the way for knowledge and idea sharing about the barriers present in the Energy Transition sector and the possible solutions. 

Some key takeaways from our session 

  • There is a growing demand for clean energy 

  • Investments in Energy Transition globally can help realise SDGs and create an environment conducive to stable economic growth.

  • It is important to consider relationships with all value chain partners to avoid issues such as raw material mining or breach of human rights: ensuring a just transition is key.

Download the report on Just Transition by our sister organisation, the UK NAB: Just Transition Criteria

Download our report on the perception of risk related to private debt in emerging markets: Capital Requirements for Institutional Investors

  • More risk-bearing capital is required to drive successful investments, especially in emerging markets but also for early-stage financing of new ventures.

  • Being backed by policies and regulations, the Energy Transition sector has a huge potential for impact.

During our workshop, it was emphasized that Energy Transition is a vital endeavour both in the Netherlands and globally. A shift towards cleaner and more efficient energy should be driven by co-financing initiatives with ethical structuring, investments in cleaner raw materials and reducing negative environmental impact. A transformation towards clean energy can help realise socio-economic benefits globally.

The NAB would like to express its gratitude to the speakers: Adrien Gruson and Eliane Blomen, Altynai Valikhanova, Dorien Lobeek and Coenraad de Vries for their insightful contributions. We are also grateful to StartGreen Capital for hosting the workshop.

Download the presentation here. 


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