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Green Bonds - Summary and Presentations

We are looking back at the first “Breakfast Inspiration Session” with a focus on Green Bonds, held on the 16th of March 2023 at the a.s.r. office.  


The workshop, organized by the NAB, the Impact Institute, the Dutch chapter of Impact for Breakfast and EVPA, was well attended by more than 40 professionals, including asset owners, asset managers and issuers.  

After a warm welcome from Jack Julicher, Roland van Keen and Adrien Gruson from the Impact Institute made an introduction on the profiling of the Green Bonds impact landscape; then, practical examples of impact frameworks were presented by Raquel Criado Larrea and Daniel van Dierendonck (a.s.r. asset management), Mehdi Abdi (ACTIAM), and Erwin Houbrechts (pension fund PGB). The speakers provided information about Green Bonds from different perspectives, as asset owners, asset managers and issuers, explaining their strategies, selections, monitoring and ratings, and the developments in and outlook of the Green Bond market. An insightful and interactive Q&A session closed the workshop.  


Key takeaways from the workshop are: 

  • Start with small steps 

  • Establish targets at board level 

  • KPIs and related reporting bring more engagement  

  • Consult your constituents and select a focus sector or theme 

  • Share dilemmas with your peers: dialogue with peers is fundamental to learn and improve 

  • Measure,  report and publish in order to be accountable  

  • Intentionality is essential and needs to be assured  by a third party  

  • Standardization helps preventing greenwashing 


We are glad to provide a platform that supports this type of events for the impact investing community, and we are very grateful again to a.s.r.  for hosting us. 


Download the presentations here.  

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