Financial institutions (banks, pension funds, etc), use your money to support different businesses and industries. Mostly your money is destined to finance industries that are detrimental to our environment, and are conducted unethically. Examples of these are fossil fuels, guns, fast fashion, etc. 

But what if you could align your money with your values? And your money could be used for good? Supporting non-profit organizations, social entrepreneurship, infrastructure (hospitals, schools), innovation (renewable energy), and generally impactful organisations, projects and initiatives.

Ultimately, your pension fund, savings, and so on, have the potential to  help achieving the United Nations Sustainable Developement Goals (SDGs), ensuring our welbeing and safeguarding our future.





Investigate your money manager. Are they committed to allocating your money to impactful initiatives?

Yes? You have a great money manager!

No? Not sure? Follow step 2!

Send the text below to your pension fund! You can select and copy the text.

Dear [your money manager],


As a member of your fund, I’m writing to ask you to commit to becoming devoted to supporting organisations, projects and initiatives with impact by 2030.  


Businesses, financial institutions, and governments are already making efforts towards a better world and supporting good practices – now it’s time the pensions industry does too.  


The advantage of investing in supporting non-profit organizations, social entrepreneurship, infrastructure (e.g. hospitals, schools), innovation (e.g. renewable energy), and generally impactful initiatives is not merely a sustainable and resilient world, but it also creates a more sustainable and resilient portfolio.   


That’s why I want my fund to be aligned with my values and allocated to impactful initiatives - after all, what’s the point of saving for retirement in a world on fire?  


I look forward to hearing what your plans are to ensure our fund is supporting change and the SDGs by 2030 – the time is now!


Yours sincerely,


Spread the word! Are your family and friends aware of what their money is supporting? Share this with them!