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Stichting Netherlands Advisory Board on impact investing (NAB), in partnership with KPMG, is launching a landmark study of the impact investing ecosystem in the Netherlands. The initiative is a collective effort supported by many Dutch and international network organizations, among which EVPA, Co-Financing our Future, Phenix Capital, TBLI, the GIIN, PYM, and FIN. 

The study is a major step towards identifying the stakeholders involved in the impact investing ecosystem in the Netherlands, sizing the impact investing market, and investigating the barriers perceived by the various stakeholders to scaling up the impact investing sector. It will gather information and data crucial to support the highly needed growth of the impact investing sector. 

The study will consist of a quantitative analysis based on an online survey (open until 30 October), and a qualitative analysis based on follow-up interviews with survey respondents willing to participate and with representatives of other stakeholders’ groups (policy makers, entrepreneurs, market builders, other networks and representing bodies). The aim is to establish a diagnostic of what issues will need solving to grow the impact investing sector, which is at the heart of the mission of the NAB. 

The questions from the surveys have been aligned to other questionnaires in order to minimize effort from the respondents and to maximize the response rate. 

This is an important milestone as no recent and detailed data is available on the size of and the challenges met by the impact investing sector in the Netherlands. We would like to encourage all stakeholders to participate in the survey and contact us if they would like to provide additional information and feedback about their perceived barriers to scale up their impact investing activities. 


For questions regarding the survey, please contact: communications@nabimpactinvesting.nl.  Please share this study by using our media toolkit!