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A Leaders' Declaration Update: Policies to empower companies and investors to pursue impact

In this third and last post on the Series: Leaders’ Declaration Progress, the NAB dives deeper into the goal to introduce a policy to empower companies and investors to pursue impact.

The GSG National Advisory Boards network has worked globally to advocate for legislation at both national and global levels. Here are some examples of some of our sister organizations that have been using their influence:

  • In the US, the Impact Investing Alliance has recommended a set of policies to the Biden Administration.

  • NABs around the world frequently exchange knowledge and ideas on how to engage with pension funds. The new pension fund agreement in the Netherlands provides will be an opportunity for Stichting NAB to engage with the Dutch pension funds, and work towards making impact investing more relevant.

  • Additionally, Stitching NAB is striving to publish a state of the market that will include propositions from each group of stakeholders to improve the impact investing ecosystem in the Netherlands. If you want to let your voice be here join the community.

Additionally, GSG’s and National Advisory Boards’ efforts have been achieving results worldwide. For example, the Central Bank in Zambia has agreed to commit capital to a development finance facility for small and growing businesses to boost their employment impact. These achievements illustrate the importance of organizations like the NABs worldwide and that networking and collaboration result in impactful initiatives.

If you would like to support the Leaders’ Declaration, please sign here. And if you would like to remain updated on the progress of the Leaders’ Declaration visit the GSG website and follow the NAB on LinkedIn.


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