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Align your values and your money!

MMMM is a UK initiative to raise awareness about pension funds practices. In a video released by the organization, they depict the lack of awareness of (future) pensioners about where their money is invested by pension funds. Participants were exposed to a list of industries, projects, and companies in which pension funds support and invest. Participants were shocked and raised their concerns. Next, a second list with alternative industries, projects, and companies was handed to the same participants. They reflected on the two lists and concluded that they would be more satisfied if their money was invested in the second list. The second list included projects and organizations that tackle worldly issues such as climate change, poverty, etc.

The video, which can be viewed here, illustrates three major phenomenons:

  • Pension funds are not transparent about where and how money is invested

  • (Future) pensioners are unaware of how and where their money is being invested and allocated: they do not do their research or ask questions

  • (Future) pensioners, as they are informed, would ask for different investment strategies favoring more positive investments

This shows that, by increasing transparency about the true destiny of pension funds, pensioners are empowered to demand accountability and request that their money be better allocated and invested. Pensioners have the power to help change the world, just by demanding better use of their money and a lower portion of capital to be allocated to harmful industries, projects, and organizations.


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