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Circular Economy - Summary and Presentations

On the 16th of November, the NAB hosted its latest Breakfast Inspiration Workshop focused on Circular Economy. The workshop was attended by professionals including asset owners, fund managers, foundations and others with interests and stake in the Dutch Impact Investing sector. 


Our speakers for this workshop represented the Impact Institute, PGGM, Invest NL, Doen Participaties and the circular enterprise PeelPioneers. They led the discussions by firstly delivering strong points on the relevance of Circular Economy backed by their impact frameworks. Speakers presented real life examples of investments in advancing circular economy. The need and advantages of being economical and ecological were common lynchpins among the diverse perspectives of our speakers for tackling Circular Economy. 

After presentations from our speakers, the Q&A followed, with engaged discussions focused on strategies for circular economy. 


Some key points from our workshop 


  • Circular economy can be an important instrument to tackle the current triple planetary crises of climate change, biodiversity decline and pollution: investing in circular economy reduces negative externalities.

  • To date not all investors include circular economy in their investment policies, but they address it implicitly by addressing climate and investments that positively contribute to the SDGs.

  • Circularity is unavoidable: regulations set by NL and EU will impose scaling in Circularity to replace traditional  linear business models. 

  • Investors value sustainability. Factoring this along with incentives can make it more attractive for companies to be more circular.

  • Data should be made widely available, allowing investors to operationalise better.


Our workshop closed with a valuable thought that the impact investing journey is anything but static and we need to keep moving with intention. Scaling up circularity is a journey, and starting early is an opportunity. 


We would like to thank all our attendees and our speakers – Andrea Rusman and Leanne Heuberger from Impact Institute, Gillian Gailliaert from PPGM, Nathan Buijs from Invest NL and Bas van Wieringen from PeelPioneers. We are grateful to our host DOEN Participaties.

Download the presentations here. 

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