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Private Equity - Summary and Presentations





On the 14th of September 2023, the NAB, in cooperation with the Impact Institute, Impact for Breakfast and EVPA, held another Breakfast Inspiration Workshop on Private Equity.  

The workshop was attended by more than sixty professionals: asset owners, asset managers, fund managers, foundations and consultants in the field of impact investing.  


After a methodological introduction from the Impact Institute, Van Lanschot Kempen, Rubio Impact Ventures and Triple Jump each presented their impact frameworks in private equity and their application through case studies. We discussed how impact investors seeking positive contributions and financial returns, integrate impact considerations in each phase of their investments. 


The workshop included an extended and lively Q&A session. 


Key take-aways:  

  • Current impact data is not always fit for decision making and there is often incomparability between metrics. Private Equity is a fast-paced sector, and impact management frameworks can take time to be understood and applied. 

  • The integration of impact-weighted accounts, the use of technology, the steering of companies through quantified data, creating consistent and progressive feedback loops are useful tools to overcome the monitoring and reporting challenges. 

  • Reaching all targets with each investment is almost impossible and active impact balancing needs to be part of ongoing portfolio construction and management.  

  • Adopting impact-linked incentives for fund managers as having carried interest fully tied to dual hurdle on both impact and finance. 

  • Ensuring responsible exit processes, aimed to optimize value while continuing to scale impact. 


At the NAB, we are glad to provide a platform that supports these events for the impact investing community and would like to express our gratitude for their insightful contribution to the speakers: Adrien de Groot Ruiz and Rogier Schutte, Eszter Vitorino and Titus Witteveen, Helmer Schukken and Clemens Gerteiser and to Van Lanschot Kempen Investment Management for hosting the breakfast.  

Download the presentations here

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