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2021 NAB Impact Report

Dear reader,

2021 has been an exceptional year in many aspects. The first full year of existence of the NAB, the second year into a global pandemic with all contacts with our stakeholders mainly happening from home, a growing community that surpassed our highest expectations! I would like to express my gratitude to City of The Hague, for having provided the starting capital we needed to initiate our activities, to our 17 founding members for their leadership, and to our board and staff for their unwavering support and dedication. The NAB aims to add the highest possible value to its members and to other existing initiatives in the sector.

If we want to have a shot at achieving the SDGs in the next decade, a giant leap from the financial sector is more than ever necessary. For this to happen, the NAB endeavours to support the ecosystem to create the right infrastructure for impact investing to become the norm. We will keep engaging with the public and financial sectors to raise their awareness and to challenge them. We will inspire our community to exchange knowledge and best practice and to develop norms and standards. We will catalyse market development and co-create the solutions to the SDG challenge. Together. Now.

You can now read our whole impact report of 2021.

Laure Wessemius-Chibrac,

Managing Director of the NAB


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