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A Leaders' Declaration Update Series: Mandate impact transparency for companies

For this second post on the Series: Leaders’ Declaration Progress, the NAB dives deeper into the goal to mandate impact transparency for companies

Ever since the publication by the GSG Chair, Ronnie, the discussion of impact investment gained and ESG investment gained relevance. So much that global corporations had committed to transparency, requiring them to report their impact based on common ESG metrics.

Currently, over 30% of globally listed assets have some form of ESG focus, making it a core consideration for companies and investors. However, there are still many incompatible systems. The good news is that investors and some companies are demanding a set of standardized impact measures. ESG calls for a standardized approach to transparency and needs a consistent reporting standard in order to grow. Therefore, measurement and reporting metrics bodies, such as IFRS, are working on and expect to announce the creation of a Sustainability Standards Board as soon as this years’ UN Climate Change Conference (a.k.a. COP26).

If you would like to support the Leaders’ Declaration, please sign here. And if you would like to remain updated on the progress of the Leaders’ Declaration visit the GSG website and follow the NAB on LinkedIn.


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